tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Newly built bratstyle tracker Suzuki 500 by Tony

This bike is newly built by Tony and for sale, if you want more info etc, just call the tattoo-shop
on 0413-21360 or email Tony at tony_paukku(a)msn.com, it runs and sounds really nice, built in the so-called brat-style, scrambler or tracker-style, 
inspired by bratstyle garage in Tokyo and also the closer Wrenchmonkees in Copenhagen.
These are really fun bikes with alot of attitude.
Its upgraded with brake-master from Yamaha R6 and steel-braided brakelines for a better feel
and bite, new brake-pads, new battery and recently also a really nice small speedo-meter that is not shown on the photos, alot of work has went into this one

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