onsdag 20 oktober 2010

First try-out to blog! Tattoos by Tony Paukku

 So here it comes, the first entries in the new blog!  This is a Samurai-back piece that I did in 2006-2007 on a very nice client, it was alot of fun and the first time that I tried to be more free and not so tied within the japanese style, still a japanese touch but not in a japanese way, it turned out great and we were both happy with the end result!  Thanks alot, Nisse, for being so openminded and a pleasure to work on!
This back-piece with the koi fish came after the samurai-back and goes in the same style, japanese but not japanese! Its alot more fun doing these free designs and not do the traditional japanese backgrounds, I have been doing those for nearly 20 years and got pretty tired of it, this is fun, it goes fast and feels more like painting than tattooing and the end-result looks way better for a non-japanese person to wear on his back!  Atleast in my opinion!   Thanks alot, Magnus, for trusting me to do this freehand on you without any real references to see what you would end up with!!  :)  This tattoo took around 24 effecient tattoo-hours to do! (and Magnus is a BIG guy!!)  The fastest back I have ever done!