måndag 28 april 2014

3-hours endurance race at Slovakia Ring, Slovakia

We raced the 3-hours endurance race at Slovakia Ring, Slovakia,  Zenergy Cup Endurance race,  each team is 3 riders, and each rider does 2 x 30 min on the track...going into the pits as quick as possible to change transponders and out again...alot of fun!! 
We win the race among 16 teams!!   great start of 2014!

Pre-season Roadracing training at Brno Intl Race-circuit in Chech Republic

We started the 2014 Roadracing season with 4 days training on the
legendary MotoGp-track, Brno in Chech Republic,   a 20 year dream for me to ride this circuit!   Valentino Rossis favourite racetrack,  and I can understand why...very high-speed corners and big elevation-changes...totally awesome!!